The Flow of Opinion
" First Opinion"
by Heather Stephens

"Everybody has an opinion and is entitled to their say. We see it everyday we watch TV, read a magazine, and sift through the Internet. However we leave our legacy is up to us as an individual, these are our thoughts to share, our opinions; and they will continue to flow throughout time.” - Bryan Tanori, The Flow of Opinion

For decades rock 'n' roll has expressed the emotions, ideas, and opinions of generations of bands and their loyal fans. It is a vehicle for political warfare, protest and the undesirable feeling of love and hate. For the New York City-based rock ideal, The Flow of Opinion, creating music is the art of capturing a thought in time and letting it reverberate for years to come.

Headed by lead vocalist and guitarist Bryan Tanori, The Flow of Opinion is a straight-up rock band, whose sound is familiar yet progressive, classic yet modern. Influenced by a wide range of legendary rock groups such as Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin, the band has a great respect for the classic rock 'n' roll sound, yet updates it for today's audiences with their fresh interpretation of harmonies and melodic layering. “I like to think of the songs as cut down rock 'n' roll tracks,” says Tanori, who writes all of the band's songs. “Every song on this album has a unique feel to it and I think the listener will hear the broad soundscapes with each new listen. Defining who The Flow of Opinion is important on this album, as it's an indication of what the band is about and where the music is headed."

Inventive like artists and groups such as David Bowie, Beck, Yes, Pink Floyd, and The Smashing Pumpkins, who have all produced songs that will inspire listeners for years, The Flow of Opinion approach their music with the same hope of leaving their own mark on society. With their debut album, First Opinion, the band has crafted a collection of songs that will make their listeners think. Musically, the album takes its cue from the history of rock 'n' roll, with a nod to the future generation of rockers. The album, produced by Tanori and Los Angeles producer's Service Pack and Riz Story (Anyone), pulls together an array of sonancy and concepts, and is driven by the band's purpose of presenting their opinion about the world. Tanori says of the album, "First Opinion is a journey of sorts about my life's experiences and how I take in the world. I don't want to tell people how to think, but simply give them a forum to evaluate the world around them through music."

With First Opinion, The Flow of Opinion is not looking for domination of the world's rock scene. “Most importantly,” Tanori says. “I want The Flow of Opinon to be known as a band who is true to their music and its songs. To me, this is rock 'n' roll, and it will stand the test of time - take it for what it's worth.”

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